Fashion in the 1960s: History of Clothing Styles with Pictures

Fashion is all about your attitude and this is true for the Fashion in the 1960s. 60s was the time when social change was being brought about by youth. Those kids, while growing up marked their own culture and so made a way to establish fashion. After seeing all this, fashion designers also became liberal […]

25 Romantic Wedding Card Designs and Ideas to choose From

Oh my God… You are getting married! CONGRATULATIONS! You are just one step away of finally having all the authorities to call the other significant yours now. I can bet you have got many tasks to settle before you kiss him a promise of togetherness forever, isn’t it? Wedding dress, maid of honor theme, wedding […]

What to write in a Sympathy Card: 50 Sincere Phrases To Say

We human beings are supposed to be among the highest in terms of intellect and emotions as far as other creatures are concerned. We are gifted with the power of speech and the ability to write and this makes communication a joy. But even with all these things going for us, we human beings find […]

Fashion Trends That Have The Influence Of South America

Fashion can never exist in isolation, as it is the many influences that fashion draws from that makes it so fascinating and keeps it from stagnating. That is why it should not surprise you at all to know that many cultures have left their imprint on the world of fashion. In fact, when you look […]

South Indian Sambar Recipe: Quick and Easy

Ingredients for South Indian Sambar Recipe   Madras onions/pearl onions (peeled and heads removed) – 250 gms (if these onions are not available use two medium onions, peeled, destalked and sliced into thick slices) Drumsticks (cut into 3 inch pieces) – 2 Tomato (cut into 8 pieces) – 1 medium Green chilly (destalked and slit) […]

Modern Furniture Design For Bedroom At Urban Ladder

The bedroom is perfect and better place where the person can relax after the work. In the bedroom, if everything is of your choice then you always, get the positive thoughts from your bedroom. There are many things to keep in your mind if you are going to design or redesign your bedroom. We always […]

Fashion in The 50s: Golden Days of Style and Clothing

People witnessed great variety in fashion from early-50s to late-50s. The introduction of new styles in this decade was not as extreme as it was in 1960s because it was the era where fashion of 20s ended. Waistline was one of the major issues in 50s fashion. Some females liked snug fit for their Dior […]