None of those passionate GIFs that you just sent him through social media or iMessage doesn’t feel as these best romantic love letters for him. The old-fashioned way is, undoubtedly, more amorous and enduring. In my view, sending a love letter by carrier pigeon was the best thing about love then, though it can’t happen now. It is not the first chat that we cherish that for entire life but the first time we held hand and the first time we kissed. “First times” are always close to heart, isn’t it? And to keep those old memories refreshed it is paramount to randomly start viewing the older pictures of togetherness and feeling each moment all over again. Everything that you feel is pretty much perfect things to say to your boyfriend and make him feel loved.

Having a love life may just happen to most people, but it takes a lot to keep that love life going. A fact that many of us forget as we get along with our busy lives, but our advice to most people out there is to pause their busy lives and take a good look at the romantic love side of their lives. Have you ever come across cute short love stories to make you smile? Then it is time to take it a step further and borrow some ideas from them to do things like romantic love notes for him.

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Here Are Some Ways You Could Pen That Romantic Letter For Him

The Truth – First Things First

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No one can actually guide you to write a love letter ’cause everyone has different mos of reminiscence and everybody’s love story started with a unique side of the sphere. And that could some dirty secret which just the two of know or some big sacrifice that brought you two together. What to pen down is just your thought and no one could ever guide you through to write a personalized love letter. It’s your race and you have to win it by taking efforts to make him feel loved. Though, a few suggested ways of writing a love letter is right here and we hope this will help! How about writing a poetry though?

Create a Feel
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In the horde of busy lives and packed schedules, we forget the older “US” and the love that we had that made everybody clepe us as “best couple” and “love birds”. Well well, the photographs come into action when you feel lost in the crowd and have no words to express the passion deep inside your heart. Scroll through the most cherishable moments of your togetherness and you will finally be able to write a letter when tears appear in your eyes. Sit alone and shut the door to feel the oceans as you shout out his name loud and just pend down all that you feel. Passionate Quotes, though, help a lot in creating a moment to write down the romantic love letter.

Things You Love about Him
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Don’t you love how he holds your hand every time the two of you walk together? And the way he opens a door of the car for you. And the way he looks at you while you are busy doing your own stuff. And his creative writing skills and romantic poetry? Different gestures make us special in our own way and we are destined to match footsteps with someone who falls in love with those special characteristics of our persona. Tell him all the things you love about him and see how gracefully he blushes.

How your Life Changed?
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Wasn’t meeting him was the best thing ever happened to you? Tell him.. tell him all that changed and became better than it was before the two of you were in love. Show him are proud you are to have him and for spending your life with him. Not just in the love letters but in person as well – when you have a fight, show him how incomplete and messy you are without him.

What Future do you See with Him?
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Apart from walking through the beach together, what thoughtful dreams do you see to accomplish with him? Men love it when you are just seriously thinking to spend your whole life with them (though, they won’t tell it). Tell him all that you want from your life and all of your fantasies and the darkest ones of them that you wish to fulfill just with him on your side.

Yes, The Negatives too!
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I often see people believing that love letter should only comprise of all the positive moments and none of the negative ones. But they forget that it is the negatives that let you cherish positives in your life. How would know the importance of sun if there are no dark nights? So, express all the proudness you feel when you look back and see infinite moments that were against you two when you fought together and WON!

Impressive it Should Be!
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Nothing else is needed when words are romantic but then all your efforts to pen down everything your heart has within it will be in vain if you choose a bad stationary or a weird handwriting. Paying attention to details will only make your romantic love letters feel more close to heart.

Best I Love You Letters For Him

  1. My love, I hope that you are missing me as much as I am missing you.  I wish the days in between would just melt away like snow does when spring sets in. I wish hugging the pillow you slept on last time did not remind me so much of you or that I did not miss you every time I draw a breath. I pray to God that time flies and we are back together again never to be parted. Yours and only yours, your sweetie
  2. Dear Man, I call you that because you are the only man for me. I hope that this letter makes you smile though I am envious of those around who will get to see your adorable dimple. Let us meet soon so that I can get a good dose of the M vitamin. Your woman.
  3. My darling, I like writing to you because I get a chance to tell you things that I cannot dare to say to your face. For instance, the fact that I have had a crush on you for the longest time and the happiest day of my life was when you noticed me (finally) and asked me out. I hope this does not make you feel awkward, but I love you.
  4. Boyfriend dear, it makes me grin like an idiot to just say these words because it is what I dreamed of for a long time and you are my dream come true. The day you said you love me too was a special day indeed. It is just that you make me smile and we want to return the favor. Lots of love, from your girlfriend.
  5. Dearest, I know you are too cool to expect me to write to you so soon, but I am writing to you hoping that you will like this as much as I am enjoying doing this. When I sat down to write to you thinking it would be good to say a hello but now that I am doing it, I realize that I have so much to say that nothing short of a book would do. Thanks for being in my life my love.
  6. Dear one, I still cannot believe that you are a part of my life. Every time I look upon your rugged good looks I feel a curl of excitement in the pit of my stomach. I cannot help but want to touch you and hug you to assure myself that you are indeed mine. I love you and there is no two ways about it. Yours forever I hope!
  7. Hi my soulmate, I am glad I met you because one look into those chocolate brown eyes had me realize that you are the man I want to grow old with. You are the Harry to my Sally, the Romeo to my Juliet and the rock of my stormy seas. I hope that we grow up and old together till only death do us apart.
  8. I knew that I had found the one when the thought of never having you in my life again made me lose all my inhibitions and tell you how I feel. I also realize that you may not feel as intensely as I do, though I hope you will too in time, I am willing to wait. I can see a future with you and imagine that a future without you may not be that great. However, my life is all the better for having met you and having you in it right now. Thank you for entering my life.
  9. My dear loved one, when I look at you I know I am complete not because you complete me but because you make me love myself. The more time I spend with you, the more I realize how good life can be if only fates would let us be together forever. It is too soon to talk about such things but I hope that you enjoy being with me as much as I like being with you.
  10. I cannot say that you are brighter than the sun because you are not but you are my shining star of hope. My whole aura brightens just thinking of you and I want to relive every date we have had because it has been so magical. While I know that it would be wrong to think that these magical moments will last forever but I am sure that we will still be able to make some awesome memories.

Romantic Love Letters for Him

  1. I cannot truly say that I had no life before you came into it but you have definitely sweetened it and made me realize that perfection can be improved and that the right guy can make your dream. Because that is what you do, you make me hope, plan, and yes, a dream of what life would be like if you were a permanent part of it. You make me realize that tomorrow can remain a mystery and that the repetition of history need not always be a bad thing.
  2. You know you have always been my best friend but I did not know how much I loved you until the day I said goodbye to you at the airport. Yes, I am saying that not only do I want to be your best friend but also your love, that is if you will have me. Even if you don’t feel the way I do, I hope that you will consent to always be a part of my life because my life without you would be no fun at all. I want you to think of every angle before you reply.
  3. You are always going to be my idea of heaven on earth because with you I feel invincible and strong. You make me believe I can and not because you love me because you seem to believe that I have a lot of potentials. I wish that our lives would be not only with each other but that we would be a part of each other’s growth.
  4. The way we hold hands tell me that you think I am special and I love that feeling. Can you tell me when you fell in love with me? Because for me it was love at first sight and every minute with you makes me feel as if I have been reborn and that any miracle could come to live with us together.
  5. Dear love, our love is like a garden; with each season there is something different to look at and enjoy. It blossoms under the warmth of our love and draws nourishment from our mutual trust and our affection for each other acts as a catalyst to make it grow even more.
  6. Hi, my love, I know most love letters praising their partners are by men but I want to make it a point to write down what I feel about you. Every time you smile at me, I feel as if the wholesome warmth of the sun is shining upon you and when you hug me I feel as though the whole world is in my arms. Your broad shoulders make me feel safe, your jawline turns me on and the way you walk makes me swoon. I am going to end my letter to you now so that I can personally tell you how I feel about you when we meet.
  7. I love you more than life itself. The depth of my love is more than that of the oceans and the regard I have for you is higher than the skies. You are the sunshine of my life and your smile makes me blossom.
  8. When my friends use would tell me about being in love and how wonderful and painful it was at the same time, I used to think that nothing can be that incredible. Now that you are in my life, I know that they did not exaggerate, if anything, their words could not have prepared for the intensity of feelings that I feel when I think of you.
  9. The love of my life, I want you to know that I love the way you have changed my life. My smiles are more genuine, my hopes are high, my feelings are confused, and I feel I am at my strongest and weakest at the same time. I am only telling you all these things because I know you are the only person who will understand what I feel.
  10. My sweetheart, I am grinning even as I write these words because you are very sweet and you are my heart. I feel as if life holds infinite possibilities for me because you are there with me. I know that every time you see me about to fall, you will become my safety net and if I do fall, you will lift me and push me to keep going.

Best Love Notes for Him

My dear loverboy, I have been thinking of you all day long. It has come to such a level that it has now started intruding in my work but ask me if I care? I don’t and I want to spend the whole day on a cloud of longing waiting for the next time we can be together. If this is love, then I want to be drowned in it as long as I draw breath… the way I feel even forever is not going to be enough to spend with you.

Oh my sweetheart, every minute that I spend without your arms around me feels like it is spent in purgatory. If you think I am just saying that, you could not be more mistaken. It is a fact that I feel like a fish out of water when you are not around. I will have to be honest when I say that I have thought I have been in love before this, but only now do I realize that this is the real thing.

Life Quotes Of Love: Fantasy Or Crude Reality? Part 4

My darling sweetie, where are you? The start of my day seems dark and dull when it is without you around. I feel as though I am only half alive when I am away from you. Things like work, friends and family are a poor substitute to keep me from being lonely when compared to the minute I even spend talking with you.

Oh my love, I know we have just parted after a long and merry time together, but every step that I take away from you seems to be wrenching my heart. I could only think of writing a romantic love letter to you so that I can still keep the connection going between the two of us. I know that this kind of love happens but once in a lifetime and I would be glad if you felt even half as intense about me as I feel about you.

Dear beloved,  I feel as though I was born in the true sense of the word the day our eyes met across the class. It was almost as if I was only half-alive till that day and came fully into being when you professed your love for me. I now fill each day and each minute of every day with thoughts of you. I feel as though I have truly achieved the purpose of my life by being with you.                                                                                                                                               

Dear one, I have longed for the day that we can openly and truly belong to each other in front of the whole world and the day is just around the corner. It will truly be a golden day in my life when we tell the whole world that we belong together. I do not care where or how we get married as long as it means that it marks the day when we can always be together.                     

They say that love is about liking someone even they are not perfect. But I can say that I like you, love you and adore you because you are perfect for me. You complete me in a way that makes me feel that we can be together without feeling stifled and still feel long to be together all the time. It is a true mark of love that I feel you around me in my mind even when you are far away.                                                                                                                                               

Dear hubby, I hope that by the time my letter reaches you, you will be on your way back. I feel that I am the luckiest woman in the world to have met you because it means that every moment that I spend with you has all the excitement of first love as well as the security of old love. With all this in our life, I only wish that we have a long time together and forever.                               

My love, Our life together has been like a rollercoaster with a lot of ups and downs. It is only the fact that I know you are there with me throughout the ride, holding my hand that makes me feel secure and steady in all these storms. I see each crisis that we brave and triumph over as a milestone in how much our love has grown and matured. I hope we anchor each other in the storms of life.                                                                                                                           

Oh love of my life, I just wanted to tell you that having you in my life has been like having the warmth of sunlight touching me through the winters of life. You have been my strength and you are my weakness too! I long to be with you when you are not around but the moments you are away are also so precious as they make me long for you even more!


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Another good thing about taking a pause to take a deeper look at your love life is that you will also learn to avoid the mistakes that we commit with regard to love and make sure that we do not take things for granted. Having a peek at these love poems for the husband will let you get a better handle on how to go about writing romantic love letters for him.

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