The best part of the tattoo world is that almost anything goes.  All genres are welcomed and appreciated. One of the tattoo options that is open to women especially is that of pretty lace tattoo designs. Yes! We are talking about the same stuff that features regularly in wedding dresses and female ensembles. Think about it – lace has history, lace is very pretty to look at and lace is really feminine. Then why not consider something as delicate and beautiful as lace for a tattoo design. After all lace is a definite part of all the sexy vintage style dresses that you could try!

Girls have always used lace in the most innovative ways. One can even see the way lace in the form of shorts. If you have always wondered what to wear with lace shorts, then you will be amazed at the number of choices in front of you. - –

Symbolism of lace tattoos:  We know that the tattoo world is really big on symbolism and the lace tattoo definitely has that and that too lots of it. Lace over the ages is considered a rich fabric that only the affluent can afford and thereby lace is known to represent riches.

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