Lace is also essentially feminine and makes any outfit you wear very elegant and classy. These two qualities of having class and elegance are some of the symbolic meanings attached to lace tattoos. - –

Lace is also known to make any outfit you wear look really sensual. It is this sensuality that is part of the symbolism attributed to lace tattoo designs.

Lace is also one of the materials that plays at adorning and covering while at the same time also revealing tantalizing glimpses of the skin within. This adds another layer of symbolism to lace and that is of being deceptive as well as revealing. - –

lace tattoos 25

Lace tattoo designs:  If you are actually contemplating getting a lace tattoo done, the design options are infinite.  In fact with a little research into the kind of lace that has been produced over time, you can come with an one of a kind lace tattoo design. - –

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