The best part of the tattoo world is that almost anything goes.  All genres are welcomed and appreciated. One of the tattoo options that is open to women especially is that of pretty lace tattoo designs. Yes! We are talking about the same stuff that features regularly in wedding dresses and female ensembles. Think about it – lace has history, lace is very pretty to look at and lace is really feminine. Then why not consider something as delicate and beautiful as lace for a tattoo design. After all lace is a definite part of all the sexy vintage style dresses that you could try! - –

Symbolism of lace tattoos:  We know that the tattoo world is really big on symbolism and the lace tattoo definitely has that and that too lots of it. Lace over the ages is considered a rich fabric that only the affluent can afford and thereby lace is known to represent riches.

Lace is also essentially feminine and makes any outfit you wear very elegant and classy. These two qualities of having class and elegance are some of the symbolic meanings attached to lace tattoos. - –

Lace is also known to make any outfit you wear look really sensual. It is this sensuality that is part of the symbolism attributed to lace tattoo designs.

Lace is also one of the materials that plays at adorning and covering while at the same time also revealing tantalizing glimpses of the skin within. This adds another layer of symbolism to lace and that is of being deceptive as well as revealing. - –

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Lace tattoo designs:  If you are actually contemplating getting a lace tattoo done, the design options are infinite.  In fact with a little research into the kind of lace that has been produced over time, you can come with an one of a kind lace tattoo design. - –

Lace tattoo collars: Lace is popularly used to embellish the collar area and many designs of lace tattoos tend to get the lace tattooed in the collar bone area showing lovely designs that draw the eye. - –

Lace tattoo garter belt: Another use of lace is in the garter belt worn half way on the thigh. It is part of a bridal dress to wear this and many women enjoy a secret thrill in getting this naughty tattoo on their thigh which can drive any man crazy.

Lace tattoo flower: You can show any flower of your liking in the lace tattoo design as if it is entirely composed of the intricate and delicate lace. This can look incredible when done right.

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Lace tattoo designs with other things: You may also consider the possibility of getting a lace tattoo done with the addition of other elements like a bit of ribbon or a bow to make the design more personal and more detailed.

Lace tattoos in dark and light ink: You can work on getting your lace tattoo design depending on the color of your skin. Often lighter skinned people go for dark colored lace tattoo designs and darker skinned people for lace tattoo designs in lighter colors. The contrast makes for a stunning visual.

Though lace tattoos have a good visual impact, you need to pick your artist with care to ensure this. Plus another factor you have to consider is that any tattoo is a major commitment and you need to think things through before you proceed with anything.

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