People witnessed great variety in fashion from early-50s to late-50s. The introduction of new styles in this decade was not as extreme as it was in 1960s because it was the era where fashion of 20s ended.

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Waistline was one of the major issues in 50s fashion. Some females liked snug fit for their Dior dresses and some liked loose sack dresses in same theme. Not just like 60s, but at that time when an end to old fashion was about to come, people started feeling free to chose the styles for their dresses. Men and Women gave up the trend of wearing only specific items at different events.

Everybody knows that fashion in the 50s started with New Look introduced by Christian Dior in 1947. This look was characterized by small waists, round shoulder lines, pointed busts, full-skirts and below-mid-calf lengths. After World War II, this look became more popular.

For women, gloves, pearls, fitted jackets on tailored suits and pencil skirts were in. Their day dresses consisted of full skirts and fitted bodices. Denims didn’t seem to exist that time. Only narrow skirts without petticoats ruled the fashion. Cocktail dresses and Day dresses were items that women usually chose for parties. Fashion in the 50s was a bit conservative for women. They were not allowed to show their skins much. Fabrics used for those clothes were easy-care and synthetic.

Before World War II, fashion trends for young adults and teenagers wasn’t focused on much. But soon after early-50s, designers started targeting both of them also in marketing niche.

As the decade passed by, women started getting attracted to sporty wardrobes. Narrow casual skirts and narrow pants marked late 50s. Even for men, mid-calf pants were in fashion. Bermuda shorts was a great addition to men’s fashion which remained in style till 2000s. Another addition to late-50s fashion was swimsuits. While moving towards 60s, more liberal and free trends were being introduced by designers.

Talking specifically about men’s fashion now, these trends were mainly conservative. Formal suits were considered as a signature for work however their casual attire consisted of Ivy league styles. There were only specific colors for these suits which included shades of charcoal, brown and dark blue. Ties also consisted of dull colors. Ivy League styles were marked by cardigans which were more popular among atheletes. Like today, pink was also considered as a cool color for men. But it was only chosen for casual wear. Another cool item was the cowboy shirts. There was no concept of trendy, hippie, or normal fashion like it was in 60s. But still fashion was judged on the type of fabric used and the type of style chosen by designer.

So, overall fashion in the 60s was dull and mainly consisted of loose dresses. It could be said that 60s fashion was all about women as there was not much for men to choose from. If you want to have a better idea of how fashion of 60s looked like, then check the gallery below:


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