Fashion can never exist in isolation, as it is the many influences that fashion draws from that makes it so fascinating and keeps it from stagnating. That is why it should not surprise you at all to know that many cultures have left their imprint on the world of fashion. In fact, when you look at certain fashion trends, you realize that there is a definite influence of cultures including South America. Not only do different cultures have an influence on fashion, other things also do influence fashion. That is why the seasons have an influence and there are things like cute spring fashion outfits for you to wear.

If you are thinking of South American influences on fashion then you should definitely think about Bolero jackets and the many interesting uses for them as one of them. Even things like necklines have had an influence from cultures like the ones from South America. If you are looking neckline fashion vocabulary and want to learn to decipher it, then knowing that these too have a cultural influence should help.

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Here Are Some Fashion Trends That Have A Definite Influence Of South America:

Mixing of prints: There is no denying that the South American is never clearer than when you look at mixing of prints. The South American touch is bolder when it comes to mixing out different prints without much regard to the rules of fashion. But you know what? The mixing of these prints as bold and unconventional as they are, seem to work very well maybe due to their very unexpectedness.

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Ruffles and cuts: Whatever one may have to say about the South American influences on fashion, one has to admit that they are unabashedly bold. That is why there are so many ruffles and cuts in South American fashions than other influences on it. The use of ruffles and tucks are quite a nice touch that adds drama to the simplest of outfits.

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Retro touches anyone? When you sit down to think of it, you realize that there is a definite touch of the retro in their fashion in South American influences. The thing is that retro fashions are bold and tend to veer towards the dramatic. And South American fashion is also like that and tends to take your mind to the fashion trends of the past.

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Uneven hemlines: If any one culture takes a lot of joy in having hemlines that are quite not even, then South American fashions have to be it. It is probably the influences of the costumes that the dancers wore during their dances that makes the uneven hemlines so popular. The uneven hemline makes the body look more voluptuous and plays up the mystery of how the legs look by offering tantalizing due to the uneven hemline.

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Colors and more colors: There is no doubt that fashion influences of South America are definitely colorful. The use of colors are bold and unconventional making a statement that is never forgettable. The thing is that the passionate nature of the people and their strong views influences the use of colors in their clothing and the way they combine colors.

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We are sure the more you think about it, the more influences that South America has had on the world of fashion. Starting from the asymmetrical hemlines to the use of bold mixtures of prints to the use of color, there is no doubt that there is a definite influence of these cultures on fashion. It is indeed amazing how so many cultures and schools of thought have had an influence on the world of fashion.

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