Fashion is all about your attitude and this is true for the Fashion in the 1960s. 60s was the time when social change was being brought about by youth. Those kids, while growing up marked their own culture and so made a way to establish fashion. After seeing all this, fashion designers also became liberal and started creating bold designs with colorful fabrics.

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In past decades, clothing was divided into men, women, formal and casual categories. But as soon as 60s started, the trend of unisex clothing came into existence e.g denim jeans.

‘Mod’ was a short term used for modern youngsters of that time. The culture started from London and spreaded to Australia, Europe and America. The Mod fashion was characterized by slim fitting clothing items with big geometric shapes on them. The mod fashion quickly replaced those dull colors and introduced bright and wild shades. The new garments produced at that time were cheaper and affordable.

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The actual revolution started in late 60s. For women, it was the most liberal era ever. They were allowed to wear low heels, mini skirts, and sleeveless dresses. Women had to stick to their natural look because high amount of make-up and high heels were deprived. In men’s fashion, stripes and pleat-less pants were something that gave them more sporty look. Two-button suits and Italian style shoes added more to men’s fashion.

Talking specifically about men, the pants became tighter and this change wasn’t easy to be accepted. Pea coats were also introduced round the world in mid-60s. Now came the time for boys, when The Beatles handled their fashion trends. In this way, the hair started becoming longer. After this mid-era was over, scarfs came up which became a necessity for every man roaming in streets or handling some business. Work shirts, tie-dyed shirts, bell-bottomed jeans, and sandals were the important elements of 1960s attires.

Women, in early 60s, liked to wear boxed dresses. London had the biggest influence on world’s fashion. So, it didn’t use to take a long time to spread whatever was launched in London. In late 60s, women were seen wearing men-like dresses. It could be said that women’s clothing started to become more masculine. Bell-bottoms were introduced in Late 60s for women. Short boyish haicuts, and wayfarers-like frames were style signature for women if we talk about accessories.

Men’s as well as women’s hats were removed from fashion and new type of hairstyles were introduced. Hairbands were also considered in, that time. Afros were made by both men and women. Bowl-style haircuts were also appreciated by men. Women’s hairstyles were marked by beehive hairdos and chin-length haircuts.

Celebrities also had a great influence on fashion of that time. The hipster groups used to have a bit different get ups like they used to wear loose shits, pajamas/jeans and headbands all printed with big designs.

So, overall 1960s is considered as a revolutionary decade in the world of fashion. To have the exact idea of how fashion, at that time, looked like, check the gallery below:

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