Home made Ice cream
Home made Ice cream

Here is a quick and easy Home made Ice cream Recipe for the last minutes of your dinner.


Milk (boiled and cooled) – 200 ml
Cream – 200 ml
Sugar – 125 gms
Cocoa powder – 4 teaspoons
Instant Coffee – 2 teaspoons

Method for Home Made Ice Cream:

Whip the cream using a hand blender or the whip option on your Mixer for 15 minutes. Add the sugar, cocoa and coffee. Whip and mix for another 10m minutes. Pour in the cooled milk and mix well. Put it in a suitable dish and into the freezer. Once the ice-cream is half set, put it in the blender to whip up for about 5 minutes and then return to freezer. Once frozen serve cold plain or garnished with toasted nuts of your choice.

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