We are often told that actions and not words that are more effective. But when it comes to your romantic life this may not always be true. Not only do you have to show your lover your sweet and caring side, but you also have to learn to express it in words. There is always the most popular “I love you” but your words have to go beyond this. In fact, this declaration of love has been so used that it has almost taken on the place of a cliché. And if we enter in the colorful world of love and romance, we’ll see that a short sweet poem can express the entire emotions and feelings of your heart. After a long search, we’ve made a romantic collection of Sweet Love Poems For Her to make her smile by expressing those hidden, pure feelings to your lover, weather she is you girlfriend, your beloved or your loving wife. These sweet poems are efficiently capable to express the deep passion for your lover and make her happy for sure. So let’s mix some sweetness to your love relationship with this cute collection.

Romantic Sweet Love Poems For Her to Make Her Smile

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There are many boys out there who like some girl or other but do not have the courage to approach a girl and tell them what they feel. Just as it is important for a girl to be the reason behind her man’s smile! We are sure most of us would have faced this situation and wished to come across a collection of cute love poems for her that you could spout off and express the way you feel. However, when you come face to face with the girl you like, it is not always easy to come up with romantic love quotes for her, but this does not mean that you do not try.

The one thing that you can do is whenever you come across a repertoire of cute love poems for her, just grab them and save them. In order to make these romantic love quotes dedicated for her and make her feel special, all you need to do is add a few personal touches of your own to personalize them. The one thing that you have to keep in mind when you use these cute love poems for your husband or wife is to ensure that you are not using them in a mocking way or to make fun of him or her.

Making a Girl Smile Is So Easy When You Understand Her And Follow These Tips

Spend Quality Time with Her
Giving some priority in your life is what makes them feel special. And when it comes to women, it is really easy to make them feel loved and happy. All you have to do is sit with her.. just with her and talk and do your couple stuff. Show her that all of your time is hers and you wish to spend each moment of your life with her. Getting married or being in a relationship for over a year or two must not change how you craved to spend more and more time with her.

Praise Her Beauty and Appreciate Her Efforts
Not everyone is best and not everyone is born without anything especially unique and worth praising in them. She might be a really bad cook but a really great lover who respects you a lot and knows exactly how to care unconditionally. Appreciate her for what unique feature she has in her personality and don’t ever forget that one thing which made you fall for her. A thoughtful gesture and cute gift or a few kind words with a warm hug would make her feel happy and good about herself instantly.

Don’t Ask Her to Change Herself
Remember the instance in which you fell in love with her and understand that you loved her for who she is. Of course, with the course of time, you came across certain flaws but appreciated for the best version of your girl is what going to make your relationship last forever. Be different and think differently than what society actually thinks of women. Unlike society, don’t expect her to fit in the “ideal” mold of what a woman must be like. Follow this and you will see that even on your 25th marriage anniversary, the love hasn’t faded a bit.

Be a Good Listener
Women love to speak and speak a lot and express all of what is running inside their minds. Yes, you are lucky if she has chosen to share her deepest thoughts, insecurities, and secrets that they had never told to anyone (maybe). Being a good listener shows your compassion and respect for her. Just listen without judging and interrupting her speech by giving advice and let her speak out everything that’s bothering her.

Compliment Her
Feeling romantic and making someone feel loved is not always about intimacy or kiss and hugs but about identifying every pore of your partner and complimenting them. If you feel that her eyes are just beautiful and tell her that you can see your world in them and that’s what makes your love deeper for her. Compliment her for the wonderful heart that she has and this will definitely make her smile!                                                                                                             


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Poems to Make Her Feel Special

  1. When I compliment you it is just the tip
    Of what I feel and how you make my heart skip
    I feel I am the best in the world and on top
    Be part of my life so that this feeling does not stop
  2. I can walk many a mile
    To just see your smile
    The dimple on your chin
    Makes we want to always win
  3. The feeling of being morose
    Is always around when I feel your loss
    It is only for a night
    But it makes me feel uptight
  4. I can climb very high
    To ensure that you never sigh
    A smile makes me want to climb high
    Every moment with you is fun
    It makes me skip and run
  5. I was just a simple friend
    But you made my victories a trend
    I thank the stars above
    For making me your love
  6. The mountains are there for me to climb and conquer
    But I would rather look at you and try to figure
    What the almighty did to make you wonder
    To bring me into my life from the yonder
  7. There are planets in the solar system nine
    I wish they would conspire to make you mine
    I ask this because I know our life will then be divine
  8. I wish that when I look at you, it is as if the word comes to a halt
    Life without you seems as boring and bland as food without salt
  9. You are so full of spirit and sass
    It adds to your charm and class
    I want your face in my heart brand
    And your hand in my hand
  10. You made me believe in miracles and magic
    Life without you in it would be absolutely tragic

Romantic Love Poems For Her

  1. My honey, you make me glow and feel warm
    With you by my side, I know I will never come to harm
  2. Your smile is like that of a flower
    It is so delicate but so full of power
    Your touch is that of an angel
    But it packs the power of a whole love barrel
  3. I wonder at how so many changes have come into my life
    And beg you to make the changes permanent by becoming my wife
  4. It is so wonderful that you make me feel whole
    It touches to me my very soul
    Wouldn’t be neat?
    If I too make you feel complete?
  5. Flowers are amazing but they fade away
    Games are great but there’s only so much you can play
    But a pair like that consists of characters like yours and mine
    Can be nothing short of absolutely divine
  6. Is there even a remote chance
    That when you and I dance
    The world will not only stop
    And take up to the top
  7. Everyone thinks the two of us are crazy
    But you and me my love, my daisy
    Are as right as milk and cream
    Because having you in life has always been my dream
  8. As cool as snow and warm as a caress
    As charming as a flower in your lovely dress
    You, my love, want me to climb trees, cross the ocean, and scale mountains
    Because there is nothing I cannot do to have with you a chance
  9. Yours and mine is a wonderful story
    That is full of legend and glory
    Every moment has been like a episode
    With special times at every mode
  10. What you had done was just a rumor
    I like the way you handled it with good sense and humor
    It is what made me give you my heart
    That is the way this love story got its lovely start

Short Love Poems For Her

  1. Every mile I walk,
    every word I talk,
    every breathe I take,
    it is only to make you smile and laugh without a break.
  2. A rose can look morose,
    a moon will not make me swoon
    but a smile from you
    will make me happy
    enough to run a mile
  3. Your beauty will never fade
    as long as my love is not dead,
    your glamor will not dim
    because it comes from within
  4. If you take a thorny path,
    you can be sure that of my protecting you from any wrath,
    you step on a bump,
    I will be sure to remove every lump
  5. You and me are meant to be lovers forever
    I know this because I see no end to my fervor
  6. I am your knight in shining armor,
    I am your friend in times of clamor,
    I am your lover
    and near you I will always hover
  7. I live to see you smile,
    if at all I fail,
    I hope you forgive me,
    oh my dear female
  8. You smile and my heart beams awhile,
    you frown and my mood goes down
  9. You are pretty as a rose,
    you keep me from being morose,
    by staying really close
  10. If stars where not so far,
    then may be they would with the brightness of your smile spar,
    but even then I doubt
    that you they could the beauty of your smile
    they could mar.
  11. A fountain tinkles,
    a star twinkles,
    a bird chirps,
    but you, my dear, beat them all
    when you laugh from your heart
  12. You are the love of my life,
    If you go away it would be as if I was stabbed with a knife,
    and my life would be full of strife.
  13. A moment too late,
    and you would not be my fate.
    When I think of my destiny,
    I know I am lucky
  14. When you laugh at my jokes
    I feel tall,
    when you look at me with those lovely eyes,
    I feel that I can break any wall
  15. You are as pretty as a peacock
    but not all vain,
    you are wise as owl
    but you have a really deep soul
    and best of all
    you love me with all your heart and make me proud.
  16. I hold your hand and you hold my heart, you smile at me and I feel your soul, you are my life and I would like it if you would become my wife
  17. As sharp as the sun,
    as soft as the moon,
    as lovely as the lotus
    and as pure as dawn-
    my darling… you are the only one
  18. Our love holds strong,
    nothing can go wrong,
    our hearts beat together day and night,
    because of that I know everything will go right
  19. Though our love does not meet the norm
    I know together we can weather any storm
  20. A beacon of light,
    through the darkness of light is your face,
    a ray of hope is your look
    and touches every corner of my heart and nook.

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