Poems to Make Her Smile

  1. There is no perfect way
    To explain how I feel about you
    Saying “I love you”
    Doesn’t say enough.
  2. If I could have all the time in the world,
    I know what I would do:
    I would spend the time
    In pleasure sublime,
    Just by being with you
  3. I count the hours, I count the days.
    How much I miss you, I count the ways.
    I need you; I need you next to me.
    I love you so much, it is all we,
    Now, tomorrow, and for all our days.
  4. Of everything I know and love and treasure,
    It’s you, my love, who gives me perfect pleasure.
    I love your way with me, your touch, your kiss;
    To be with you is happiness and bliss.
  5. Every day with you gives me a thrill;
    All my dreams you richly fulfill.
    I’m a fool for your charms;
    You belong in my arms;
    Love me; please say that you will.
  6. I’m with you
    In you heart and in your brain
    In your happiness and in your pain
    I’m with you
    When the tornado of sorrow starts destructing your mind
    I’ll be there with reverse flowing wind
    And spread my fragrance
    Prove my presence
    Remove your fear
    And whisper in your ear
    “I’m with you”
  7. I’m not Shakespeare to write about you,
    I’m not Piccaso to Paint you,
    I’m just your who wants to say
    “I am always with you”
  8. Each thought of you fills me with sweet emotion;
    I give to you my deepest devotion.
    My fondest wishes you completely fulfill;
    I love you totally, and I always will.
  9. When all goes wrong, and my life runs amok,
    I think of you, and I get unstuck;
    In the midst of chaos, you make my heart sing;
    You’re my peace, my happiness, my everything.
  10. If tomorrow my life were finished,
    With many fun things left to do,
    It wouldn’t matter at all,
    Because, my love, I had you.


  1. Life without you was fine, was okay.
    It was spent aimlessly, getting through each new day.
    Now that you’re here, joy and pleasure I see,
    Each second and minute filled with sweet ecstasy.
  2. I wanna get close to you like
    Shoes with laces
    Teeth with braces
  3. If I knew how to write a song
    I’d write one everyday
    It would say that I’m in love with you
    And why I feel this way
  4. I’ll be the one to call you baby at night
    I’ll be the one to stand by your side and fight
    I’ll be the one you will grow to love
    I will be the one you can’t stop thinking of
    Just tell me when
    Just tell me where
    I swear baby I will be there
  5. Hold me in you arms tight,
    and never let go.
    Sometimes we many fight,
    but my love for you is hard not to show.
    When I see you, I’m breathless,
    and when you talk to me I’m speechless.
    I do love you with all my heart,
    so please don’t leave now,
    because it might fall apart.
  6. It’s true I like to hear the words
    “I love you,”
    but you don’t have to say them out loud.
    Your smile, the look in your eyes,
    the way you touch me
    say more than mere words ever could.
  7. When I hold you close,
    can you feel my heart beating?
    Can you actually hear it
    when our lips touch, a surge
    of rhythm, fast and strong?
    When we lie alone
    in the darkened stillness,
    does my pulse transmit
    my heart’s urgent message?
    Each beat says with insistent joy
    I love you…I love you…I love you…
  8. Tell me how many beads there are
    In a silver chain
    Of evening rain,
    Unraveled from the tumbling main,
    And threading the eye of a yellow star: –
    So many times do I love again.
  9. My heart to you is given:
    Oh, do give yours to me;
    We’ll lock them up together,
    And throw away the key.
  10. I love thee – I love thee,
    ‘This all that I can say
    It is my vision in the night,
    My dreaming in the day.


  1. Give me a kiss, and to that kiss a score;
    Then to that twenty, add a hundred more;
    A thousand to that hundred; so kiss on,
    To make that thousand up a million;
    Treble that million, and when that is done,
    Let’s kiss afresh, as when we first begun.
  2. I think of you every morning;
    Dream of you every night;
    Darling I’m never lonely;
    Whenever you are in sight.
  3. We found a friendship
    so powerful and true
    That I know it’ll last forever
    And I hope you know it too.
  4. Today I am going to create a bit of a flutter
    On my Facebook and Twitter.
    As I ask you and also let everyone know.
    On a date with me, will you go?
    I like you, I really do.
    You will be my date, won’t you?
  5. Birds and bees Remind me of you and me. We are meant to be. Why can’t you see?
  6. She had blue skin, and so did he. He kept it hid, and so did she.
    They looked for blue their whole life through, and passed right by, and never knew.
  7. There is no perfect way
    To explain how I feel about you;
    Saying “I Love You”
    Doesn’t say enough
  8. Forever is such a big word
    Yet it seems like such a small amount of time
    When you love someone as much as I love you. There are not enough days in a lifetime
    Nor is a lifetime long enough
    To give you all my heart
    And all of my love
  9. A gentle brush of his fingers,
    Sending shivers up my spine.
    In a love I see in his eyes,
    Is a love that equals mine.He greets me with a smile,
    And leaves me with a kiss.
    If he were ever to leave me,
    I couldn’t imagine what I’d miss.Maybe it’s his touch,
    Or the way he makes me feel.
    But whatever it is,
    I know I’m head over heels.
  10. Somehow I’ve been blinded,
    by the sunshine glow of your smile.
    The leaves rustle to match your soft laugh.
    As I hold you close I whisper,
    “There is only you.”
    I have only you;
    I have only the world.
    The wind blows my hair to match your sigh.
    You look up at my face and shake your head,
    leaning closer to my ear you correct me,
    “There is only us.”
  11. If my heart could talk,
    You would know you’ve made me strong, If my heart could move,
    It would wrap itself around you
  12. I want my love to always be my side
    From all the typhoons to hide.
    Love ebbs and flows like a tide,
    Come near me, stay on my side.

And a free suggestion for you guys ’cause we love you and being a woman I know what exactly it is that a lady expects – Don’t always search the internet inside out to find that one poetry that explains what you always wished to tell her. Sit and feel and write a letter for her and this would be the best gift for her. Real emotion is what your heart makes your hand write, lips smile and stomach feel the butterflies.

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