We human beings are supposed to be among the highest in terms of intellect and emotions as far as other creatures are concerned. We are gifted with the power of speech and the ability to write and this makes communication a joy. But even with all these things going for us, we human beings find that certain moments in life leave us at a loss of words. One of these awkward instances is when you have to say something sympathetic or write out a sympathy card. Words fail us and no matter what we write, everything comes out stilted and stiff.

But contrarily it is this very situation that requires that we express our sympathy to the person suffering so that he/she can draw some comfort from our words and get the feeling that they are not alone. That is why all across the world there are social norms that dictate that one should express sympathy and understanding for people when they are going through a tough time, even if we do not attend other events in their life. At times like this, a human being who is going through the suffering needs the warmth of our words, a pat on the shoulder or a sympathetic hug.

Since we know how difficult it can be to get the right words out on a sympathy card, we have put together a number of phrases that will get you started on what you want to say. Once you have started the process we are sure that expressing the genuine sympathy that you feel for the person suffering will come through.

These words that are given here will help you tide over an awkward situation where you want to say something apt but find yourself not knowing how to express yourself.

What to write in a Sympathy Card? Here are 50 Sincere Phrases To Say.

  • “I am truly sorry to hear of the loss of _____.”
  • “I’m praying for you.”
  • “I’m thinking of you during this difficult and sad time.”
  • “In loving memory of ______. We will all miss him dearly.”
  • “Love and sympathies to you and your family.”
  • “May fond memories of _______ bring you comfort, even as you face these dark days.”
  • “May God bless you and keep you in his care, now and in the days to come.”
  • “May God comfort you with His peace and strength.”
  • “May the love of family and friends sustain you in these difficult days.”
  • “Our heartfelt condolences.”
  • “Our hearts go out to you in your time of grief.”
  • “Please accept my sincere sympathies.”
  • “Please know that we are here from you, sending our love.”
  • “Praying for you in fondness and friendship, particularly at this sad time.”
  • “Sharing your sorrow, as we fondly recall our dear friend ________.”
  • “We cannot begin to understand what you must be going through right now, but we send our love, and we promise to pray for your entire family.”
  • “With love and fond memories of ________.”
  • “With sincere sympathy.”
  • “Words fail to express our sadness at the death of ________.”
  • “You are in my thoughts.”
  • Of course, certain overused phrases and well-meaning, but inappropriate, statements are to be absolutely avoided in sympathy cards. Here are a dozen toxic examples of these potentially tacky and damaging statements.
  • “At least, she is no longer suffering.”
  • “Death and taxes are certain.”
  • “Feel better fast.”
  • “He lived a full life.”
  • “His health went downhill so fast.”
  • “I know just how you feel.”
  • “It was just his time.”
  • “It was worse when my dad died.”
  • “Perhaps his death was a blessing, after all.”
  • “Time heals all wounds.”
  • “You will get over it eventually.”
  • “You’ll find someone else.”
  • I like to believe that when we lose someone close to us they still live through us and give us strength. The time we have spent with those we’ve lost makes them part of us.
  • I am glad to have known _______. I realize that you have lost a special person.
  • No one will ever be able to replace _______. (He or she) was really special.
  • I’m really happy for ________ because (he or she) feels no pain any more. Unfortunately for those of us left behind, we still feel the pain of loss.
  • Words do an injustice in explaining how much we will miss _______. (He or she) will remain very alive in our memories and admiration.
  • I have felt blessed to have known _______. I can’t imagine losing a blessing like (him or her).
  • I am not good with words. I hope you can find some comfort from my card anyway


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